TransPacific Conference: "Redefining the Pacific": Day 1 [Report]

TransPacific Conference at USC: "Redefining the Pacific": April 8-9, 2011

Day 1 (Friday, April 8) 8:45am - 6:15pm

Venue: Davidson Conference Center, Opening Remarks by Prof. Carol Wise
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Profs. Vinod Aggarwal, Shin-ichi Fukuda, Gregory Chin, and Saori Katada
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Session 1: New Political Economy of the Pacific
Chair/Dicussant: Prof. Saori Katada, USC
"Designing Trade Institutions for the Asia-Pacific": Prof. Vinod Aggarwal, UC-Berkeley
"Regional and Global Short-Term Financial Market Integration in Asia": Prof. Shin-ichi Fukuda, University of Tokyo
"Reframing Trans-Pacific Coordination: Global Imbalances and Pan-Asian Infrastructure Cooperation": Prof. Gregory Chin, York University

Session 2: Pacific from Broad Security Perspectives
Chair: Prof. David Kang, USC
"Japanese Security Policy at a Crossroads: Treading a New Path?": Prof. David Arase, Pomona College
"The Resurgnece of Nationalism in Southeast Asia: Causes, Missions, and Significance": Prof. Tuong Vu, University of Oregon
"Pacific From Broad Security Perspectives: An Australian View": Prof. William Tow, Australian National University

Profs. Enrique Peters, Kevin Gallagher, Injoo Sohn, Carol Wise & Michael Shifter
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Session 3: China-Latin American Ties
Chair: Mr. Michael Shifter, Inter-American Dialogue
"Taking the China Challenge: China and the Future of Latin American Economic Development": Prof. Kevin Gallagher, Boston University
"Toward a Dialogue between Mexico and China, Two and Three Decades of Socioeconomic Changes": Prof. Enrique Dussel Peters, UNAM
"China's Multilateral Offensive in the Developing World": Prof. Injoo Sohn, University of Hong Kong
"Playing Both Sides of the Pacific: Latin America's Free Trade Agreements with China": Prof. Carol Wise, USC

Profs. Weihsin Gui, Sarita See, Lok Siu and Lan Chu
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Session 4: Re-Imagining Culture and Diaspora Across the Pacific
Chair: Prof. Lan Chu, Occidental College
"Hemispheric Asian America": Prof. Lok Siu, University of Texas-Austin
"Propertied and Non-Propertied Desires in Contemporary Asian American Art": Prof. Sarita See, University of Michigan
"Between Singapore and Canada: Desire and Diaspora in the Lydia Kwa's Fiction": Prof. Weihsin Gui, UC-Riverside

Profs. Jung-Bong Choi, Stanley Rosen, William Tsutsui, and Meiling Cheng
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Session 5: Political Economy of Culture
Chair: Prof. Meiling Cheng, USC
"Cashing in on Cool Japan: The Struggles of an Aspiring Soft Superpower": Prof. William Tsutui, Southern Methodist University
"Undoing Area Studies, Unearthing Cultural Regionalization": Prof. Jung-Bong Choi, NYU
"The Continuing Development of the Chinese Film Industry and the Overseas Prospects for Chinese Films: Are There Reasons for Cautious Optimism?": Prof. Stan Rosen, USC
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(To be continued on Day 2)