TransPacific Conference: "Redefining the Pacific": Day 2 [Report]

TransPacific Conference at USC: "Redefining the Pacific": April 8-9, 2011

Day 2 (Saturday, April 9) 9:00am - 12:00 noon

Profs. Tridib Banerjee, Glenn Melnick, (Mr.) Mark Wilson, Doug Jones & Jeff Nugent
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Session 6: Cross Pacific Experiences in Dealing with Economic and Social Issues
Chair/Moderator: Jeffrey Nugent, USC
"Health Care Systems: A Transpacific Comparison": Prof. Glenn Melnick, USC
"Problems of Aging and the Implications Thereof in Japan and Elsewhere": Prof. Douglas Joines, USC
"Comparative Urbanization and Urban Policies in China and India: Implications for Future Growth": Prof. Tridib Banerjee, USC
"Talent Mobility within the Asia-Pacific Region: Opportunities and Challenges": Mr. Mark Wilson

Profs. Jeff Nugent, Glenn Melnick, Doug Joines, Tridib Banerjee & Mr. Mark Wilson
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RoundTable: "Redefining the Pacific and the Implications for the U.S."
Panelists Consisting of Conference Organizers, Moderated by Prof. Saori Katada
(USC faculty from left):
Robert Dekle, Jeff Nugent, Carol Wise, Stan Rosen, Viet Nguyen, David Kang
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References (from the Conference flyer):
"The focus of this one-and-a-half day conference is to establish multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted frameworks to understand and analyze the changing nature of the transpacific relations among the countries, businesses and people surrounding the Pacific"
Presented by the USC Center for Transpacific Studies, USC Center for International Studies, USC School of International Relations, USC Korean Studies Institute, USC East Asian Studies Center and the USC Provost's Research Collaboration Fund